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Pivotal people, powerful software, partnerships that matter - the future of telecommunications.

Abacus2020 brings it all together with simplicity, speed, super security, global scale and the insights gleaned from 40 years in telecommunications.

Abacus2020 provides a rich set of omni-channel services and a common user experience across devices making it ideal for today’s cloud first, mobile first employees, wherever they work.


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Software is the future of Networking and Telecommunications.

128 Technologies

It all begins with a simpler approach to routing. Today’s networks are built on a patchwork of different boxes that follow the same hardware-centric model first deployed in the 1990s. This cuts into performance. Multiple firewalls, load balancers, application specific edge devices and tunnels create extra work, cost and risk for the business. 128 Technology’s software routing changes that by building 4 super powers into its software: Session awareness, Service centric, Waypoints and Metadata encrypted throughout. Software routing in a distributed, incremental, non-disruptive deployment creates a service-centric fabric that delivers simplicity (no tunnels, overlays), agility (faster deployment, dynamic optimization), security (zero trust model: authentication + encryption + segmentation), performance (less overhead, more scalability) and savings (reduced bandwidth, connectivity costs, 3rd party tools, CapEx and OpEx.

Plantronics Manager Pro

Plantronics professional-grade headsets play a key role in businesses today, allowing employees to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere. For users, the ideal headset is something they barely notice, until it isn’t working optimally. Plantronics Manager Pro is an analytics and change management solution to manage and drive the communication experience, centrally.  Gain insights, simplify headset adoption, troubleshoot and respond to individual needs with no interruptions to the customer experience, all from your web browser. Voyageur Focus – one global SKU with Bluetooth and USB charging cable.



Some of the largest organizations in the world use AbacusCloud.

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